We give you a unique opportunity to study filmmaking without quitting your job!

It’s never too late to start making movies. Filmmaking is like writing: the more life experience you have, the better film you can make. 

GoAction Film School is located in New Westminster, part of Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. British Columbia has one of the largest film industries in North America, which continues to expand yearly. Our film school gives you a unique opportunity to become part of this industry. We offer a part-time evening filmmaking program with a lot of hands-on experience. We also provide separate part-time classes like cinematography, video editing and screenwriting.

  We are a filmmaking school for people who dream of making films but are too busy to attend full-time studies. Contact us today to learn how we fit into your schedule and let your dream come true! 

Tatyana M
Tatyana M
Student 2021
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This school creates the unique atmosphere where the student can really dive into the art without any restrictions! That school doesn't follow only a book. More than half lesson are practical! Our class was mix of beginners and experienced people with different background. Everyone had something to learn there, master or contribute. I recommend Go Action School!
Jessica W
Jessica W
Student 2020
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" GoAction Film school has been the perfect fit for my filmmaking journey.For anyone who is looking to take a leap and experience hands on training ,this is the school for you... I am so glad I took a chance and made the decision to enroll in this program "
Ryan M
Ryan M
Student 2021
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.A wonderful option for people who want to get started and get experience working in the film industry. The instructor is awesome! His classroom environment is fun, easy going and practical! For people who are serious about wanting to get a start working in film, but cannot attend a full time day film school this is a perfect alternative! I feel like I’m an apprentice working closely with a smaller size group. This is one big advantage which I don’t think can be experienced with another film class. Attend an open house when offered and you might realize this is the school for you!
Kirill P.
Kirill P.Student 2022
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Graduated from GoAction Film School this year. Amazing tutors, outstanding experience, and what’s the most crucial for me - I have made my own movie with unbelievably talented classmates and a very cool, knowledgeable and professional mentor.
Eugene H.
Eugene H.Student 2022
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I’ve had an amazing time in this school as well as enough hands on experience to actually be able enter the industry and work full time as crew member. The instructor was fantastic and staff is lovely. Highly recommend it, as the schedule was convenient and it’s an affordable study!
Aldeno G.
Aldeno G.Student 2022
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I always had an interest in pursuing a career in the film industry, and the part time schedule offered me enough flexibility to pursue my studies while working full time. The experience that I gained in this program is invaluable, and I am so thankful for the support and individual attention offered to students of GoAction Film School
Andrey A.
Andrey A.Student 2022
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I finished this school this year in the summer, and filmed my short film nearing the end of the school year. I really liked how the teacher helped everyone individually. It worked really well with my full time job the as classes are in the evenings. I learned many new things and techniques as well. Thank you for the interesting experience.

Student Films Screening July 31, 2022:

Pre-Production and Production

Camera Operating and Lighting


Digital Editing

Directing Actors



History of Cinematography


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