JACEK STREK - Director

Jacek Strek is an internationally recognized, award-winning Director/DOP, the president of CoolMix Films Inc.

Empirical, insightful, perhaps positively rebellious, Jacek Strek is an award-winning Director/Cinematographer with an uncompromising vision. Having studied at the prestigious Polish Film School, he is a unique filmmaker with an MFA degree in cinematography. His raw energy and a broad spectrum of experience bring a bold and fresh renaissance to filmmaking. His camera style demonstrates a deep understanding of cinematic artistry while offering what the most essential in the film: life outside the frame is. Jacek’s expansive body of work includes documentaries, features, reportages, and TV commercials – filmed for a host of international clients, in locations ranging from the High Arctic to the Arabian Desert.  

Where convention ends, Jacek begins:

“The camera itself had always fascinated me: I had an urge to see life through the lens, to capture its moments, its images, and keep them in the camera obscura of my mind … “

Jacek Strek

Credits on:

National Geographic Explorer USA  – TV5 Canada – CBC Canada – Spafax Airline Network – SRC Canada – CCT Canada – TV3  New Zealand – Singapore Broadcasting Corporation – Netherlands Broadcasting – DDP – TV South Africa – DEGETO  Germany – TV Norway AS – Sveriges TV Sweden – Osterreichisher Rundfung TV – Austria – Finnish Broadcasting Corporation  – Discovery TV USA KNO TV Canada – Transward TV – IBA TV – Israel – SSR TV Romania – Planet Cable USA – TV3 UK England – TV Czechoslovakia  – Denmark TV Center – – Acces Network USA – Television Espagnol Polish Television Poltel – Discovery Canada – Canada 3000 – Airlines – Swiss TV  – Iberian TV Service – TPS Canal – Canal 22 Mexico – TV2 Norway – RTV Slovenia – Islandic TV- Corporation Osterreisher Rundfunk – Antene 2 France – Canal + France – Antene 2 – Kuwait – Airlines – Australian Broadcasting – Buscal Telebatista.



Film & TV Composer Tony Randall is known for his gift of enabling a film’s story and emotion to be revealed and experienced through music, evidenced in his films ranging from drama to comedy and documentaries. 

Tony Randall’s work has been broadcast in over 50 countries and the film festivals of Cannes, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Hollywood, Yorkton, and Vancouver and includes the first scoring credits by a Canadian for National Geographic.  Tony has served as Jury Chair and Jury Member for the Gemini Awards(TV), the Genie Awards (Film) as well as the Leo Awards (TV) in both the music and sound divisions. He has also been recognized in the Who’s Who in Canadian Film, Billboard Magazine and AudioWorld Magazine for his compositions.

Classically trained, Tony graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Music, and did post-graduate work at California State University where he helped fill in teaching duties for Danny Elfman.  Tony also graduated from and subsequently taught master classes in film scoring for the Canadian Film Composers Institute.  

Exhibiting a wide stylistic range and command of both orchestral and electronic composition, Randall embraces a modern approach to scoring that includes a diverse and organic pallet of sounds.  Tony Randall understands the role film music plays in creating the emotional bond between the film and the audience. Tony’s ability to work in a creative partnership with a film’s director, as well as his skills as composer and sound designer are evidence of his passion for film.

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